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Welcome to the Violins Only website, your ultimate source of information for everything related to violins. We have created this website with the intention of offering a comprehensive outlook of the violin world, seen through the eyes of a violin collector. We will look at the violin from multiple points of view and try to go into each of them as deeply as possible. We will discuss the aspects of buying and selling a violin, we will provide information about various contemporary and ancient violin makers, and will talk about many other interesting things about violins.

Violins Only: Everything about the Violin World

Our virtual journey into the violin world starts with a short incursion into the history of the violin. We will try to find out when and where the violin was invented, its origins, and its evolution over time. Has the violin always looked the way it looks today? Did the technological progress have any impact on the way the violin is built? These are sample questions that we attempt to answer in the violin history section of our website.

The next step in our journey will be to stop into a luthier’s workshop to find out how a violin is made. We will see what kind of wood is used in the construction of a violin, what stages that wood has to go through in order to become a violin, what supplies are needed, what are the parts of a violin, and other aspects of violin making. The violin does not serve its purpose if left in this stage; the finished product will need violin accessories to transform the visually pleasing object into a functional entity. We will further discuss violin cases, bows, strings, tuners, and other accessories that will complete the violin and allow the musician to fully reveal the purpose for which the violin was created.

Once we got to this point in our journey we should know quite a bit about violins, shouldn’t we? Now it is time to show our collection of violin pictures and clip arts. We will try to see what elements can be revealed by a picture, where these pictures can be used, how creative we can get in using the pictures of a violin on the objects that surround us, etc. This part of the journey will be like a fun break after running up a difficult hill. We will rest our brains for a moment and prepare ourselves to enter the serious business side of the violin world.

We live in a commercial world, where everything buys and sells, and where each product is designed with a specific consumer in mind. The violins will reach their market through the various violin stores spread all over the world. We will discuss in this section the business aspects of owning a violin shop, the mechanics of a violin sale, offer tips for buying a violin wisely, and talk about violin pricing.

Of course, we cannot talk about violin dealers without mentioning the violin makers. In the introductory section of our journey we learned about the historical figures that built the foundation of the violin making world, like Stradivari and Guarneri. In this section we will penetrate the world of contemporary violin makers who create comparable works of art and promote them using modern marketing and advertising venues. We will talk about modern Italian violin makers, the Romanian school of violin making, the German Conservatory violin art and craft, etc.

At this point we know how the violins are made, who makes them, where we can procure them from, and how much we should spend on a violin. Now it is time to approach the musicians’ world. We will see who those who actually buy these wonderful creations are. We will start with the beginning and invite ourselves into the violin for beginners‘ world. The citizens of this world are those who want to learn how to play the violin, violin lessons for beginners, violin instruction books, teachers of beginning violin lessons, violin scales and notes for beginners, etc. We will then leave quietly the beginners’ side of the world and try to observe the professionals’ life style. Things start to get complicated and we will hear here about violin sheet music, online violin music, free printable violin Christmas sheet music, violin loops, etc. We will try to define all these complicatedly sounding terms and see how they are used.

It is time for us to take another break and celebrate the complete knowledge of the fascinating violin world that we acquired during our journey. We deserve to treat ourselves with quality violin entertainment and let famous violin players divert us with playing various violin styles including quiet classical violin music, happy Irish violin songs, sad gypsy music, dynamic techno rhythms, and others.