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ViolinsLover Canada – Gliga Violin Store in Canada

A new violin shop in Vancouver BC? Gliga Violins, Canada – ViolinsLover – will soon open its doors for the Canadian musicians

Gliga Violin Store in Vancouver, BC

Master Gliga Violin

In Vancouver the appearance of exceptionally finely crafted stringed musical instruments will soon be available at Gliga’s newest location in Vancouver, BC, giving Canadians a taste of what the rest of the world has been experiencing for years; the magnificent hand craftsmanship that is the Gliga violins, violas and cellos.

The Gliga violin shop in Vancouver will be offering the unique hand-carved instruments just as they have done in the United States since the year 2000. All Gliga violins are made from the same Carpathian spruce and red flamed maple found solely in the “Italian Valley” of the Transylvania forests. Only the finest of dense homogenous woods are chosen from Romania’s 150 year old forests that surround the city of Reghin. For those who are new to the violin world, Reghin is to Romania what Cremona is to Italy: the city where the greatest violins of the world are born. While Cremona is famous for Antonio Stradivari, Reghin is famous for Vasile Gliga, a contemporary violin maker who does not stop to surprise his followers with the perfection of his art works.

The elder craftsmen discovered long ago how the spirit of these forests, when fashioned into a Gliga violin, would produce unparallel richness of tone and timber. Each Gliga violin is created using the ancient master techniques for a superior sound and feel once only afforded to the status of a Guarnerius or Stradivarius violin.

Vasile Gliga is the highly respected and sought after violin maker that has combined his traditional Romanian family techniques with modern manufacturing technology, giving Gliga violins unimaginable artistic integrity and musicianship. The making of a Gliga Violins in Vancouver is a far cry from other assembly line stringed instruments – typical of low priced instruments, which have inferior tonal quality and very limited visual appeal.

Under the intense scrutiny of Vasile Gliga himself, Gliga Violins are meticulously hand constructed and finished, with premium materials ensuring a perfection and attention to detail that is ingrained into each treasured instrument and is the hallmark of a Gliga violin. The all consuming passion for making the finest violins the world has seen at affordable prices is what has made Gliga Violins renowned throughout the International musical community.

Today’s musicians can find an wide array of unique items including pyrographed, fine rare art, 5 stringed, electric and even left-handed instruments. All Gliga violins in Vancouver can be purchased complete with case, bows, musical stands, strings, tailpieces and much, much more. Every Gliga instrument is given a 7-day trail period and 7-day money back guarantee providing the buyers with complete confidence in their musical purchase. It is really easy to shop for a handcrafted Gliga violin, viola, or cello, by either coming into the soon-to-come violin shop in Vancouver, the violin store in Los Angeles or in one of their online stores.

The Gliga professional and student violins, violas and cellos are made with the finest materials, traditional craftsmanship, infused with a great passion for music and a love of the musician who plays these wonderful musical instruments.

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