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Wedding Musicians and Solo Violinists Playing Upbeat Fiddle and Violin Music for Weddings and Receptions

Welcome to the section of our website dedicated to violin wedding music and musicians. This page is meant to provide valuable violin music information to those who are actively involved in weddings, receptions, and ceremonies, or plan to organize or attend such events in the future.

We will try to offer upbeat violin and fiddle playing information for each state individually and help you find the perfect violin wedding music that will make that special day even more magical. We will start with exploring the violin music for weddings in Los Angeles and in the greater Southern California region and then we will extend our research throughout the country.

The wedding musicians from a violin ensemble can usually feature solo, duo, and trio combinations, according to your event’s needs. Even if you require different types of music for more than one event in the same celebration, famous violin players for weddings usually play the violin in any band and are able to tailor their musical performance to fit the mood, the atmosphere, and the nature of the ceremony you have. If you want a classical touch to your wedding ceremony you will be using a solo violinist for weddings. This way, the actual ceremony will be just the beginning of a charming evening that the guests won’t soon forget. Following the ceremony, the violin ensemble can transform itself into a violin string quartet for receptions, bringing a touch of class to your after party.

This is possible because the extended practice and experience of professional wedding musicians gives them the ability to play almost any kind of music style one can imagine. Famous wedding violin players usually do not limit their experience to only violin music for weddings; they play violin in any band and for any occasion, this making them familiar with various music styles. Over time they also develop an extra sense for perceiving the audience’s dynamics and adjusting their performance accordingly, which will prove very useful in moments when the music is the only one that could save something that wanted to be an extraordinary event but it is about to turn into something boring. We all know that most of the times, the music is the one that makes an event and wedding musicians are very well aware of this.

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3 Responses to “Wedding Musicians and Solo Violinists Playing Upbeat Fiddle and Violin Music for Weddings and Receptions”

  1. michele Freed Says:

    Looking for muscians for sept 5, 2009 wedding in Burbank CA.

  2. camelia13 Says:

    Hello, Michelle!
    What kind of music are you interested in? I don’t mean to be discriminatory, but what nationality are you? I know that when it comes to weddings, people tend to preserve the traditions within their culture, which implies a certain style of music. Also, each culture follows a certain ritual when it comes to weddings, so what parts is your wedding made of and where would you need a band?

  3. Toronto wedding photographer Says:

    Music really adds to the mood of the wedding party.I love hearing musicians playing on a wedding day.

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