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Finding the best beginner college student violin and beginning violin lessons

Beginning Violin LessonsIf beginning violin lessons has been your dream for quite a while, but you have never had the courage, the time, or the resources to pursue it before, you are not alone. Many people dream of playing a musical instrument, but their current lifestyle or schedule does not allow them to allocate time and money for a hobby. But here you are, looking for a beginning student violin. Congratulations for taking this important step and starting your research for a violin for beginner! After you acquire your first violin, you will most likely need to find a violin teacher. The violin is not an instrument that people just pick up and start playing; mastering the art of violin playing requires a lot of hard work, perseverance, and patience.

Taking violin lessons from an experienced violin teacher will help you with passing the first few steps, which are usually the most difficult. Acquiring good violin books and other instruction materials will help you with practicing and learning faster the violin notes. A beginner’s violin usually won’t sound very good in the hands of an inexperienced musician. Actually no violin will sound good if handled by an untrained individual, this being the reason why the violin has earned the reputation of being the most difficult of all instruments. Beginning violin players have always been intimidated at the beginning by this myth and here is where the didactic skills of the music teacher come into play. The support and the guidance from a professional musician, who is ideally also a great teacher, has always proved to be very helpful to the beginner violin player, who is trying to decipher the secret code behind the four strings and who is at the beginning of a difficult path in developing skills for producing beautiful sounds.

The first violin lessons will usually be focused on the position of the body while playing the violin, the ear training, and the bowing. The difference between noise and music stays in the rhythm; if we give noise a certain rhythm, it becomes music. The purpose of the ear training stage is to help the beginning violin student understand rhythm, which will further be emphasized in the bowing phase. The first few beginning violin lessons revolve around mastering the bow movements on the four strings and understanding of rhythm dynamics. In this stage the instrument is really not that important. In some people’s opinion, the first instrument in a beginner violin player’s life is not essential; some people believe that in this stage, the student violin player is not able to make the difference between a good sounding instrument and one whose sound performance is questionable. This is why a violin for student or beginner use is usually low priced, and its quality level does not quite meet the highest standards. The best beginner’s violin will be an instrument whose quality will allow the student to use it for at least one year, without feeling the need of an upgrade.

In most cases, it is a good idea to stay away from spending large amounts of money on a beginner student violin. A high quality violin is not a good investment if the prospective violin student is just flirting with the idea of playing the violin, instead of being absolutely into it. Some people lose motivation and interest somewhere on the way and give up very soon, without getting to the point where they are able to feel the value of such a good sounding instrument. Again, at the beginning of the violin playing career, the violin fingering and the overall playing might not be at all that great and the player might not be able to tell the difference between a good sounding and a very good sounding instrument.

Investing in a better quality instrument, such as a college student violin, has of course its advantages. A higher quality instrument is a very good investment if the prospective violin player is absolutely sure that he/she will stay with the violin for a long time. Buying a very good violin from the beginning will help with developing a very good sound perception and understanding from an early stage, increase motivation, and save the student from a future expenditure, because no upgrade will be needed anytime soon.

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9 Responses to “Finding the best beginner college student violin and beginning violin lessons”

  1. patrick Says:

    Do you have any suggested brands? What is a price range?

  2. Christy Says:

    Thank you so very much. I am just now looking to buy a violin and begin to learn and I really appreciate your words of wisdom. It really helps to know that I have been looking in the right direction for my first violin. Thank you again and Happy New Year!

  3. Marco Says:

    Hello Patrick,

    Gliga’s Genial 1 line of instruments is a very good start for any beginning student in my opinion. Here is a link to Gliga’s beginning student violins.

    The price is under $200, and it includes a case and a bow. I have one and am extremely happy with it. Make sure you upgrade the strings to Tomastik Dominant. The Romanian ones that are included by default are not that good.


  4. Sebastien Says:

    Hey everyone,

    I am also interested in buying a violin. Aside from the sound quality between a beginner and intermediate violin, would an intermediate violin be harder to play in terms of hitting the correct pitch and notes?

  5. Marco Says:

    I found this article that kind of explains the difference between several violins.

    Of course, the wood used at the construction of a violin for beginner differs from the wood used at the construction of a professional level instrument, because the two categories of players have a different sound performance perception, understanding, and need. It is a wise allocation of resources from both a practical and a financial perspective, because the quality of the wood dictates its cost, which will directly influence the price of the finished product. The best beginner violin will reflect a balance between quality and price without making any compromises. The Transylvanian forests of the Romanian Carpathian Mountains are one of the greatest sources of resonance spruce and maple in Europe and we have direct and easy access to this wood. This allows us to avoid any concession between price and quality, and to focus on the artistic side of violin making. But science does not end after selecting the wood that will deliver the best beginner violin. The artist will make use of science in building and finishing the violin with his artistic talent accompanying him along during the entire process. The degree to which the small details reach perfection is what makes the difference between two makers and in the end between two instruments.

    Buying a violin has always been a difficult task, no doubt about that. We hope that our website will help you decide what and where to buy. Violin players at the beginning of their career and who are ready to buy their first violin usually choose a Genial 1 instrument. If you want to buy violin strings or any other accessories for your new violin, then we are happy to let you know that we have everything you need to learn how to play the violin.


    I would say that an intermediate level violin would not make any difference in hitting the correct pitch and notes. Since the distance between the strings is the same on all violins, you will position your fingers the same, regardless of the violin you play. What will differ is the sounds you produce. I am sure that an intermediate level violin sounds much better than a student violin. I am happy with my Genial 1, but I am sure that I will have to upgrade soon. My next one will probably be a Gems 1.

  6. Paul Says:

    I agree; the fingering is the same on all violins (with the condition that they are build correctly and the distance between the strings is standard). What makes the difference is the sound quality, of course. Many times I just wished to cover my ears when my kids practiced… 🙂

  7. Mary Says:

    I decided to take violin lessons and am interested in a beginner’s violin, but have a hard time tracking one down. So many possibilities out there! I see people on this site mention the Gliga name a lot. Where are these instruments made? I’ve been told to stay away from Chinese instruments…

  8. camelia13 Says:

    Mary, Gliga instruments are made in Romania. They have a very good reputation and are priced very reasonably. You can buy a complete beginner’s outfit for $200, and the quality is very good.

  9. sebastien Says:

    Perfect. thanks everyone for the input. this has really helped. happy new years and thanks again

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