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Violin Facts, News, and Other Information

Welcome to the Violin Facts section of our website, a place where you will find plenty of information on the violin, as well as news from the musical instruments industry. What kind of information do you need? Do you want to know about the wood used at the construction of the violins? Do you want to know how a violin is made? Do you need some violin history facts? Do you need information on violin stores? You will find an abundance of violin info on this website. Just keep searching around and reading. We hope you will find our website helpful.

The Internet makes violin information available at the click of a button, which means we all are much better informed, and can better understand the wonderful world of the violins. We do not try to offer a substitute for all the websites that are already out there; we try to complement them and hope that we will be able to offer you something new about violins.

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  1. Chris Williamson Says:

    I was just wondering if anyone knew how many violins are made each year….roughly!?!?!

  2. Sarah Reynolds Says:

    I need information on these three instruments the piano, the classic guitar, the harp, and the violin. I need the by today please I am doing a report and I need information on those four insuments.

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