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If you have decided to learn how to play the violin and need to start taking music lessons, then you landed on the right page for quality information about violin lessons for beginners, free online violin lessons, violin lessons on DVD, etc.
We assume that you have already procured your violin, and consequently you are ready for beginning violin lessons. If that is not the case, and you are still in the market for buying a beginner’s violin, then you still can benefit from reading this page, and get an idea of what the future will bring you in terms of violin lessons.

You can start by taking private violin lessons, or group violin lessons. You can even find free online violin lessons, that will complement your teacher’s methodology. Unless you are enrolled in a music program with a school or college, it is more likely that you will be looking for private violin lessons. In this scenario, the teacher will dedicate his/her entire energy to teaching you, only. There will be no other student sitting next to you, and you will get the teacher’s full and undivided attention. The teacher will adjust and tailor his/her teaching style depending upon your personal skill level, learning style, and progress pace.

When choosing a violin teacher, you might want to consider the following aspects: price per session, proximity to your place of living or work, teaching experience, level of proficiency, and preferred playing style. Most teachers will follow the suzuki violin repertoire in their practice. The Suzuki violin method is based on the idea that if an individual has the skill to learn his/her native language, then he/she has the necessary ability to become proficient on a musical instrument. The method promotes learning how to play the violin following the model of the native language acquisition, which implies immersion, encouragement from family and friends, taking small steps, and a flexible timetable for learning and studying the material, based on each student’s developmental readiness to replicate examples, assimilate and interpret principles, and contribute with original ideas. This goal can be accomplished by taking private music lessons or studying with a group of students, but under the direction of an experienced violin teacher.

The price of a violin lesson varies between $20 and $50 dollars per hour, depending on many factors, such as the reputation of the teacher, the area where you live, the structure of the lesson, etc. You can also find plenty of online violin lessons on the Internet, but in many musicians’ opinion, they are good only after you have built a strong foundation and feel somehow confident in starting doing things on your own. The online violin lessons are usually very good for self sufficient individuals, who find it easy to discover and pursue things on their own. They do not need a teacher’s help or confirmation in order to advance on their chosen path. These individuals have an extra sense that give them the strength, the motivation, and the confidence needed to succeed in whatever they put their mind into. For others, a live initial confrontation with a music teacher and taking a few beginners’ lessons from a violin teacher are essential in setting the path and putting them on the right direction. After a while they can switch to the violin lessons online, or continue studying under the guidance of the teacher.

Violin lessons on DVD are similar to the violin lessons online. What they have in common is the absence of a physical human being that will lead the teaching session. Violin lessons on DVD have become a very popular concept lately, and it has been embraced by a large number of musicians. Both teachers and students find the violin lessons on DVD as a very efficient way to complement the traditional violin lesson sessions, or even substitute them. The DVD violin lessons can be used as reference material, and they can be a great substitute for a teacher’s help during the long hours of practice.

There is no set rule that promotes or favors a certain learning style. We are all unique individuals and follow our own unique learning patterns. What seems to be easy for an individual might very well not produce any results for another. The technology has made available multiple ways through which one can pursue his/her dream of playing a musical instrument in general, and particularly, the violin. The Internet provides assistance from the very first stage with finding violin information, then finding the right violin for the current playing level of the musician, then with finding the most appropriate violin lesson, learning style, and teacher, etc.

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