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Best Beginners Violins in Vancouver Canada – Buy Your First Violin from Gliga

Best Violins for Beginners in Vancouver – Learn How to Play the Violin on a High Quality European Gliga Violin

Beginner's Violin in Vancouver, BCIf you enjoy listening to the sweet sounds of the violin and decided to give it a try and see if you can enlighten your ears with sounds made by you, welcome to the wonderful world of violins. You are probably in search of a beginner’s violin, and that is how you landed on this page. Welcome and have a very pleasant stay! This blog is dedicated exclusively to violins and you will find here information about everything that relates to violins: violin lessons, violin stores, learning how play the violin, violin makers, violins for beginners, professional violins, etc.

So, you decided to learn how to play the violin. The first step would be finding a violin teacher in your area and buying an instrument. Besides a deep desire to discover the wonderful world of violin music, this is all you need for beginning violin lessons. Most adult players need a 4/4 size – also known as a full size violin. Petite adult players with small hands and arms find it hard to handle a 4/4 violin, and they will choose a 7/8 size violin. This violin is slightly smaller than the full size violin, and petite musicians find it more comfortable to handle. If you are in search of a beginner’s violin for a child who is interested in learning how to play the violin, you have to pick a size that will accommodate the child’s size. Violins come in several sizes – 1/32, 1/16, 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 – and they are specifically adapted for the ergonomic variations that are required for the players in each age group.

We all know how confusing buying a violin is. We are surrounded by literature about violins in any direction we look; we find it in libraries, newspapers, magazines, bookstores, music stores, specialty violin shops , and on the Internet; try looking up “violin for beginner” or “beginner violin“, and Google returns thousands of results in less than one second. That is quite a large result set and all you need is one instrument. No wonder adult beginners and parents of younger violin beginners alike get so frustrated when they have to decide on which violin to buy. Usually, the teachers will step in and help the students and the parents make a selection. Most violin teachers usually know the local music stores that sell violins for beginners in Vancouver and they would provide good advice on what beginners’ violin is best for a child or adult beginner violinist. Violin instruction is widely available everywhere, as many music colleges, private music school, and independent music teachers offer classes on how to play the violin.

The word “violin” comes from the Latin word “vitula” meaning stringed instrument. It was popularized in its modern form in 16th century in Italy with further modifications in the 18th century. Due to it’s appealing design and wide and easy access to the raw materials is made of, wood, the violin became the object of interest of many artisans all over the world. Violin makers are called luthiers, and they specialize in crafting these fine instruments. For the violin beginner there is often a romantic attachment to the instrument itself due to its beautiful history. This has been the content of movies and books such as “The Red Violin”, where a violin travels the time and carries within the souls and the fate of those who played it. There is something mystical and mysterious about violins, and that goes beyond the angelic sounds that this musical instrument produces. No doubt you will find these stories quite inspiring and make you or your child want to learn violin playing.

Learning violin is not as difficult as you may think. Sure, like learning any instrument, it takes a certain amount of dedication and practice. The beginner violin player often starts young, however young age or childhood is not a prerequisite for enjoying this beautiful and elegant instrument. Adult beginning violin players are more numerous than one might think. There is really no age limitation when it comes to starting to learn how to play the violin. Beginners violin classes are offered in every town; just have a look online on sites such as Craig’s list or Yellow Pages. We also have an extensive directory of violin teachers in Vancouver and if you need a recommendation, we would be glad to put you in touch with a reputable violin teacher in your area.

If you are serious about beginning violin lessons and are ready to buy your first violin, my recommendation is to go with a Gliga Violin. Gliga violins can be bought directly from their Canadian store at or from the US store at . My recommendation for a child is a Gliga Genial 1 instrument, and for a dedicated adult beginner violin player a Gliga Gems 1 violin. Gliga’s Gems 1 violins won the “Best Beginner Violin” award, with a rating of 4.75/5. You can read this story at Best Student Violin.

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