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Performance Handmade Concert Violins Handcrafted in Romania

Master European Violins Handcrafted in Romania РSoloist Concert Virtuoso Orchestra Professional Handmade Performance Violins

Like many enthusiastic musicians who want to play classical music in an orchestra and are looking for a concert violin, you may already know that not all instruments are equal. Two instruments may look perfectly alike, but when you play them, you discover that they feel and sound differently. Also, two violins priced the same may sound differently. Good master violin makers will use woods and techniques in the crafting that result in finished violins having excellent resonance and tone, consistent from an instrument to another. Due to the fact that violins are hand made, consistency in sound quality is something very hard to achieve.

Like everything that is human made, violins are subject to imperfection. The maker’s talent & skills on top of high quality materials used in the manufacturing process will produce performance violins that will allow accomplished musicians shine. Many people believe that only by playing many different instruments and having a discerning musical ear is it possible to appreciate the difference in sound quality that you get from a high quality violin; but that is not always the case. Quality is easily recognized even by non-experts. A beginning violin student will sound much better if using a high quality performance violin.

When you buy a Gliga violin, you are buying a performance violin that has been crafted to exact specifications and high quality standards. In an recent interview, master violin maker Gliga said that these violins are constantly tested during the construction process and they will not reach the next level in the production cycle unless all the previous manufacturing requirements have been successfully met. The European handmade violins made in Romania have earned a great reputation all over the world due to their exceptional sound qualities and playability. You cannot get the same quality and attention to detail when an instrument has been mass produced by machining. Handmade violins hold their market value much better and if later on you plan to sell them for whatever reason, you will be able to ask the same price you once paid to acquire them.

Gliga violins have been used by virtuoso violin players and beginners alike. The expertly tuned plates for optimal sound, and premium tone woods used in the construction of these fine violins, set them apart from all the others. When a Gliga Violin is made, it is with the aim of being used as an orchestra violin. This means that it must reach self-imposed high standards of playability, performance and projection. These handcrafted violins come in different colors, shades of varnish, and finishing styles to suit various individual aesthetic taste. The colour and finish although varied for different tastes are also of fundamental importance for the soloist violin player who is performing both for acoustic quality and visual beauty.

Gliga violins can be bought directly from their Canadian store at or from the US store at .

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