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Great Sounding Quality Violins from the Reputable Violin Maker Gliga

Great Sounding Quality Violins from the Reputable Violin Maker Gliga | Experience, Knowledge and Artistry in Violin Making.

Reputable Violin Maker Gliga: Where Skill and Art Meet - Great Sounding Quality ViolinsWhether you’ve already chosen to make playing the violin a lifelong passion or are completely brand new to this beautiful world, you don’t need to be told what a rewarding experience violin playing can really be. Mastering the art of getting the absolute most out of this beautiful instrument is challenging to be sure, but it’s also highly rewarding. When you choose to become a serious violinist, you’re joining the ranks of an excellent company indeed.

However, it’s important to understand that being the best violinist you can possibly be is only partly about personal skill and training. It’s also largely about the quality of your violin, so you should never assume that all violins are created equal, because they are not. The finer and better made the violin, the more beautiful the music you can expect to make. A violin can turn your daily practice into a wonderful experience and can motivate you to practice more if you like what you hear. A beautiful sounding instrument will make anyone sound better. A well setup instrument will make this already hard to handle “creature” into a very tamed partner. 🙂 Consequently,  finding a good violin maker in whose work you entrust your musical life is of major importance.

For an adult who is truly motivated and serious about walking on this difficult path of learning how to play the violin, it’s very important to choose a good quality violin that the player will be able to grow with. Great violins are always going to represent something of an investment, so go into the process of choosing one violin with this in mind. It’s not an investment that is measured in money only; the violin will become a life partner, an extension of the soul of the player. You and your instrument of choice are going to be making beautiful music together for a long time.

Strongly consider opting for a handmade violin from a reputable maker. The importance of wood quality differences in the construction of musical instruments is vital for a good sounding violin. To begin with, no two trees are created equally. The same goes for different parts of the same tree. That said, an inexperienced maker or a novice can’t take nuances like these into consideration when assembling an instrument, making true quality an impossibility. An experienced violin maker will know how to select the wood for the violins he/she is making and will make the best possible combinations between the various elements (front, sides, back, and neck), to achieve the best results, in terms of both, beautify and sound quality. It is a well known fact that the best European brand violins use European wood, and mostly Eastern European wood. The reason behind this choice is the long,cold winters that allow the trees to grow slowly and dense, which are key attributes for a wood destined to become a masterpiece violin.

“By any measure, a violin is a thing of beauty, an object of extravagant curves and burnished surfaces, fragile and delicate in the hands yet powerful enough to fill a hall with soaring sound. But not all violins are created equal. . . .”~ Introduction to Violin Masters “Two Gentlemen of Cremona” Violin Masters: Two Gentlemen Of Cremona

A talented violin craftsman is not only aware of what it takes to construct an instrument that is also a true work of art; he will know what goes into selecting the best possible wood in the first place, as well as understand how to make a violin that truly makes the most of that wood’s unique visual and acoustical properties. The result is a violin that truly excels when it comes to tone and character – a one-of-a-kind original.

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