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Violin Parts and Diagram

It is natural that anyone who is interested in learning how to play the violin wants to know the names of the parts of the violin and see a violin diagram that will help with recognizing and locating these parts on a real instrument. The violin diagram below shows the parts of a violin and their names.

Anatomy of a Violin

Violin Parts and Diagram More Resources on Violin Parts and Diagram

The combination of woods that is used at the manufacturing of the string instruments, and particularly of the violins, is as follows:

  • resonance spruce (Latin name: Picea Abies (L) Karst)
  • mountain maple (Latin name: Acer Pseudoplatanus L.)
  • ebony (Latin name: Diospyros sp.)

The resonance spruce is used for the top plate of the instruments, the bass bar, the blocks, the corner-blocks, and the sound post.

The maple wood is used in the production of the back plate of the instruments, the neck, the ribs, the bridge, and sometimes the accessories.

The ebony is used at the production of the accessories: fingerboard, pegs, chinrest and tailpiece.

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