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Student Violins for Beginners – Start Right with a Gliga Violin

Beginning Student Violin Shop in Vancouver, CanadaLots of us want to take up an instrument but don’t really know where to start. The violin is a popular instrument to learn, but if you’ve never played before, it can be hard to know where to begin. Violins are known to be hard instruments to learn as there are many different techniques to get to grips with. For starters, both of your hands are performing separate and very different exercises, you then need to combine the two to try and hit the desired note. In most cases learning to play the violin starts off with a lot of undesirable screeches and whistles until the desired note is hit. But don’t get discouraged; that is a stage you have to go through. Once you pass that stage, you will discover a new world and will be proud of yourself.

Most beginners will learn with an inexpensive violin outfit that includes violin, bow, case, and shoulder rest. It is a good idea to start on one of these “cheap” violin models as it will work out as a massive expense should you decide that the violin is not for you. There are plenty of different models out there to choose from, but a good one to start with is the Gliga Genial 1 beginning student violin, which comes complete with high quality ebony tuning pegs, fingerboard, tailpiece, and chinrest. The standard Genial 1 violin is set up with Romanian Steel strings and a standard tailpiece with 4 fine tuners.

As you progress you will need to up grade your model to meet your needs. If you are preparing to take your grade exams then good string quality is essential. If you progress beyond grade 5 then you will need a violin has the right equipment to ensure that you are not held back in any way. At this stage I recommend the Gems 1 level. This is an advanced level instrument, which will last you for a long time. The Gems 1 violins are superior to those listed under the Genial 1 and Gems 2 levels by the wood quality and aesthetic value, manufacturing process, finishing style, and accessories. All these elements are of superior quality, which have a direct influence on the quality of the sound.

If you are looking a cheap way to start of your musical career then you could try buying a second-hand student violin. This may save you some money but you do need to make sure that it is good condition and that it is set up correctly otherwise you may spend more money correcting it.

If you are a motivated adult player, who knows exactly that the violin is something that will stay with you, then I recommend going straight with a higher quality instrument, and more exactly Gliga Gems 1 – advanced level violin. A better quality instrument will help you develop a better sound understanding and make progress faster and will, also, motivate you to practice more. You will hear better sounds coming out of your violin, which does not happen that quickly at the beginning.

When buying a student violin you need to make sure that it is either set up properly or you know someone who can do this for you. Many beginners struggle to learn on student violins due to lack of setting up on the suppliers behalf. If the student violin is not set up properly then you run the risk of producing poor sound and incorrect notes.

However, if you buy your student violin from a specialist then you can be sure that it has been set up properly. The ViolinsLover Shop has a great range of violins for beginners and whether you are after an instrument for an adult player or a child, you can be sure to find something to fit your needs. They will make sure that you go away with exactly the right size violin for you and you can be sure that the instrument is of the highest quality around and with a proper setup.

Gliga’s violins are all professionally set up by a professional luthier at no additional cost. The setup includes all necessary adjustments that will enable the violin to deliver its best quality sound and they include pegs, strings, bridge, and soundpost adjustments. The reason of the set-up is that these instruments have travelled a long way from Romania to the United States and Canada, and all the parts that are subject to set-up are not fixed to the body of the violin. These parts are the sound post, the bridge, the pegs, and the strings. They may have slightly moved during the shipping, and the setup ensures that they are where they are supposed to be. Also, certain elements may have been affected by humidity and temperature changes, and during the setup all necessary adjustments are made to bring them back to the standard condition. The ultimate goal of the set-up is to ensure that the instrument delivers a great sound and playability.

It is important to get your first violin right as your choice may have a huge impact on the quality of your playing and your attitude towards the instrument. Get it right and you will treasure your first violin for many years to come as the instrument that set you on your musical journey.

To make sure you get the best, visit the ViolinsLover Shops: the Gliga Violin Shop in Los Angeles and the Gliga Violins Shop in Vancouver, Canada.

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