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Buying a Violin from Stores and Shops that Offer Online Violin Comparison

In this section of our website we will talk about violin stores and dealers, online violin sales, violin rentals, and a few important things that should be known before buying a violin. Let’s start at the beginning and try to answer to following question: how does a violin get from a luthier’s workshop into our houses? We will most likely not fly to Europe to visit the workshop of a violin maker and buy the violin of our dreams from there. We live in a highly technologically advanced era, and, consequently, we will probably start our journey toward finding our precious treasure on the Internet. Online violin sales have become quite popular lately, and people seem to accept the idea of procuring their instrument through the means of the Internet much easier than they did a few years ago. Buying a violin online has quite a few advantages over pursuing the traditional way, which involves a visit to a violin store. The advantages we are referring to here fall in at least one of the following categories: convenience, better time management, and financial benefits.

Visiting an online violin shop is a convenient task that can be performed from the comfort of our own house, in a friendly and familiar environment, and without the pressure of the persuasion power that a skilful sales person, who tries to sell us the most expensive violin in the store, lays on us. The violin comparison process has also become much easier, as the next violin shop is only one click away. We do not only get to see other violins, but also learn about the reputation of a certain violin maker, read the reviews that other online shoppers left for a particular violin store, compare the features of several violins that come from varied sources, and get an idea about which instrument would best fit our personal style and budget. The Internet helps us make a more informed buying decision and it can lead to either buying a violin online or, if we need to have a personal confrontation with the instrument before making a final decision, visiting a certain violin shop.

In many cases, the Internet is used for information purposes only, and the buyers prefer to visit the various violin shops in their area to validate the information that was made available to them online. In this case, the violin comparison process will involve a physical examination of the instruments and a real evaluation of their sound performance. This is probably the best way to approach when buying a violin, but it is not always possible. In some cases, there are time and distance constraints that might keep us from following this path. Our busy schedules might prevent us from spending hours and hours of driving to and from the nearest violin store in our area and in this case the Internet seems like the only way to go.

The financial benefits of buying a violin online constitute a factor that is worth being taken in consideration when deciding where to buy a violin. The concept of “competition” in the online violin shops market has a different dimension compared with the same concept applied to the conditions of a traditional market; the competition in the virtual market works very positively in the buyers’ favor. The Internet is a buyers’ market, where the success or failure of a violin store can easily be influenced by the level of satisfaction, or respectively dissatisfaction, that the buyers experience. “Word of mouth” has become something that can very easily be transmitted to a very broad audience through the Internet. The speed at which the information circulates online is much faster than in any other advertising media and the target audience is theoretically unlimited.

The fact that a competitor’s violin store is available to the buyers at the touch of a mouse click makes things not at all easy for the online sellers; the fierce competition forces the sellers to refine all the facets of their business, which includes the pricing. People are no longer willing to make a price compromise and accept to pay more just because they are tired of driving to the next store that might offer a better price. The violin comparison from a pricing perspective has become a very easy task and allows us to make very good, financially advantageous choices.

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