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Gliga Violin Shop in Vancouver – A Violin Student Testimonial

Playing the Violin – A passion born into the heart of a young man materialized in the Gliga Violin Shop in Vancouver

We extracted this story from the website of a violin store in Vancouver, Canada.
We all have a story and each passion that is born in our hearts has a story of its own. What you are going to read is one of the most touching stories about a passion coming to life (excerpt from the Customer’s Testimonials page of

“This is one of the most emotional testimonials we have ever received from a customer. Thank you, Elias, for turning your buying experience into a beautifully written and very touching story.

From: Elias Ishak
Sent: Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 7:00 PM
To: Gliga Violins Canada
Subject: Thank you!

“Only recently in my life have I felt with such enthusiasm the desire to play an instrument. One night, after watching Charlie Chaplin’s most profound film, Limelight, I realized that I must discover for myself the ardor and beauty latent in the illustrious combination of wood and strings we call the violin.

I did not bother visiting any of the bigger stores Downtown, as it has always been quite evident to me that the smaller shops are the most fruitful when in need of the more exquisite and refined of commodities. Thanks to the glories of the internet, I easily found what is, I think, the most excellent violin shop in Vancouver: Gliga Violins. It is conveniently located next to Park Royal Mall in West Vancouver, and the shopkeeper is the friendliest, most honest and dedicated businesswoman I have ever come by. She even plays the violin herself!

“What do you need a meaning for? Life is a desire, not a meaning,” says Calvero (Chaplin) to a distraught and suicidal young ballerina, challenging my own perception of art and humanity as well. I am still amazed that the whole philosophy of existentialism could be refuted in so few words, and so intuitively. And the inspirational ending, in which Calvero plays the violin to death, as his friend, dramatically cured of her depression, pirouettes onstage, left me in epiphanic tears.

There are few desires as majestic as the one to grace the airs of our planet with music. … The next morning I set out to find the best beginner’s violin in Vancouver. Indeed, deciding to learn the violin should prove to be one of the most significant decisions that I have ever made, and has already overwhelmed me with happiness, zest and satisfaction. But perhaps my search for the perfect student violin would not have resulted so splendidly if I had not been so shrewd, or perhaps lucky, as to begin where I did.

Through Gliga Violins I easily came to possess what is surely the best beginning violin I could have come by. The price was affordable, and, on the other hand, the European master craftsmanship is tangible. Well, when somebody asks you how many thousands of dollars your hundred dollar violin cost, perhaps you too will be convinced of having chosen the best starter violin possible.

May peace be upon you,
Elias Ishak”

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