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Stradivari Student Violins from a Violin Shop that Sells at a Fraction of the Cost

Stradivari Student Violin Shop Pasadena, CA – Whether you’re a professional concert virtuoso or a beginning student, violin players have discovered how old world craftsmanship and artistry is still alive at one of Romania’s most successful family owned businesses known as the Gliga Group. No mere violin shop, legendary maestro Vasile Gliga and his talented staff have been making stringed instruments to rival the likes of the well-known Stradivarius violins.

From its humble beginnings when just two craftsmen used to turn out one violin a piece per year, The Gliga Group has grown to employ some 500 skilled craftsmen, precisely constructing each violin or cello with its own particular personality, much like the musicians that enjoy playing them. Gliga Violins proudly carry on a tradition for fine hand made musical instruments that are revered for their exceptional sound and artistic brilliance.

Gliga Violins are born rather than manufactured starting the time honored process with the selection of some very particular woods. Only the finest of dense homogenous woods are chosen from Romania’s 150 year old forests that surround the village of Reghin in Transylvania. The Gurghiului Valley flamed maple woods are so prized for their use as backing for stringed instruments that many luthiers that have made the trek from Cremona, Italy in their quest for the perfect materials, commonly refer to it as the Italian Valley. It is these rare, intricately grained curly spruce woods – that have an aberration found in only one out of a thousand sycamore trees – that contain the unique wavy fibers that produce the exquisite resonance that is the hallmark of a Gliga Violin.

After the stack of spruce or maple is chosen it is marked with the year it was cut and labeled to denote the specific part of the instrument the section of the wood will be used for. Then like a fine wine the wood is aged up to six-ten years so as to develop a depth and flavor achievable only through the maturity process.

The making of a Gliga student violin is far from the typical assembly line product often used to produce low priced instruments which tend to also have inferior tonal quality as well as limited visual appeal. Under the intense scrutiny of Vasile Gliga himself, Gliga Violins are carefully hand constructed and finished with premium materials ensuring that perfection and attention to detail is ingrained into each treasured instrument. It is this consummate passion for making the finest violins that has made Gliga Violins renowned the world over and .

In direct contrast to those that believe only antique violins, mellowed with age and tuned by time, can produce the concert hall quality sounds of the classics like an Amati, Guarneri or Stradivarius violin, professional violinists like Yehudi Menuhin have praised Gliga instruments for their exquisite intonations and magnificent aesthetics. The Gliga Group continues to hand craft stringed instruments and accessories that revolutionize the marketplace by providing high-quality European instruments that fit down to earth budgets.

All Gliga instruments are given a 7-day trail period and 7-day money back guarantee giving you full confidence in your musical purchase. It’s easy to shop for your handcrafted Gliga violins, violas, cellos or double basses by going online at The Gliga Group professional and student violins, violas and double basses give you the gift of music without having to spend a fortune to get it.

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    I own a student stradivarius violin. What do these usually sell for?

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